Companies Who Hire LGBT Employees

While most companies are looking to be incorporating and wish to hire LGBT employees, it’s important to focus on those who are actively pursuing such talent.

Which are the top companies that are putting their support behind the LGBT community and want to hire those who are qualified to do the work? Here is a look at the leading companies that are worth your time and will bring real value to those who are seeking a new job according to CDSF Law.

1) Google

In general, this has been a company that is future-friendly and incorporating. They have a massive flux of talent and have a friendly environment that is focused on providing balance to those who want it the most.

Google is an ideal place for the LGBT community to look towards.

It has great pay, and they have a range of benefits for those who are in this community.

2) Orbitz Worldwide

This company is located in Chicago and is one of the most diverse enterprises in the nation.

You are looking at a company that is filled with minorities from all walks of life. They have nailed down the idea of meritocracy and support those who are looking to maximize their potential. Orbitz Worldwide is a top-tier company and one of the best at what it does for their LGBT employees.

3) Nike

With a range of employee groups and a passion for being a leader among minority groups, this is a worldwide brand with a multicultural and diverse staff.

You are going to see it in every department, and that is what will pull you towards it. This is one of the most professional companies in the world and for a good reason. They are elite at what they do and how they do it.

LGBT employees are provided every opportunity to do well.

4) Apple

When a company starts to cover same-sex couples in its policies, you know they are the real deal.

They are a company that has always been ahead of the curve, and the same applies here. If there ever was an environment built for the LGBT community, it is Apple that would be near the top of the list.

They have a range of benefits that are great for any employee and do a great job of making it easy to enjoy work.

These are the top companies who hire LGBT employees and are proud of it.