What Does It Mean To Be Sapiosexual?

If you are the type of person that is more drawn to someone’s bookshelf than their body, then you might be a sapiosexual. Sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence first and they get easily turned off by people who are not as smart or smarter than they are.

When you are a sapiosexual, you get turned on by intelligence. You enjoy witty banter with your dates and you love to have long and deep conversations. The smarter the person, the more attraction you feel. If you meet someone new who looks attractive, but you find that they can barely carry a conversation and don’t know any of the artists or writers you are talking about, your attraction tends to fade on the spot and even turn to revulsion.

A person who is physically unattractive can become more and more attractive if they have a good mind and people often become more attractive the longer that you know them for. If the person is interesting, you find that they become more and more attractive as you get to know their mind.

You are also likely to be more interested in talking than sex. If you are having an amazing conversation, you would often rather keep it going than have sex. When you are ready to have sex, the sex is often much hotter because you have an amazing mental connection with your partner. Sapiosexuals have fantastic sex when the time comes.

Sapiosexuals tend to be less materialistic and they value what people know rather than what they have. The person you are attracted to could be poor, but you don’t care because they are very smart. One of the downsides of being a sapiosexual is that it can be hard to find people who are as smart as you are and you are also likely to be more picky than the average person which can lead to problems finding the right person.

Sapiosexuals have high standards and they don’t want to settle for people who are not as intelligent. You might end up with relationships that don’t last a long as you would like because you could have the tendency to break up with people once they start to exhibit mental weakness. Once you find the right person, your relationship is likely to be more solid and last longer since the basis of the relationship is mental.