LGBTQ Pride Month Transforms Into Something Far Greater

LGBTQ citizens of the United States have called for police reforms to start pride month off with a bang, joining the “Black Lives Matter” movement to prove that social injustice for one group means social injustice for all of them. BLM protests have been built in small towns and large cities across the U.S., quickly expanding to countries all across the world — becoming one of the biggest and most effective movements in history.

This has all happened as another year has gone by without a “Pride Month” proclamation from President Trump. This is hardly a head-scratcher considering his stance on gay rights. But it’s also a particularly strong slap in the face to activists who watched the president issue separate proclamations for National Homeownership Month (really?), National Ocean Month (he loves oceans so much he wants to raise sea levels!) and Great Outdoors Month (he loves the outdoors so much he’s trying to drown most of it with the ocean!).

Many LGBTQ citizens joined with their African American friends and family to protest.

Congressman Mark Takano (Democrat-Riverside), who happens to be openly gay, said, “We must acknowledge that racist police brutality has gone without impunity for far too long in America. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, are the most recent cases of black men and women who have died at the hands of police — that we know of. Too often, the results of investigations into these instances of police misconduct amount to nothing and true justice is never served. This cannot, and must not, go on.”

Let’s do our best to remember those names!

Fairfield, CA Solano Pride Center wrote, “As a collective of LGBTQIA people from a range of backgrounds and life experiences, we have benefitted immeasurably from black leadership and actions that have brought greater civil liberties for all. As a center, we aspire to do more and do better at serving and focusing on African American lives, needs, voices, hopes, achievements and beyond.”