Which US City Has The Largest LGBT Population?

In recent decades, the demographics of gender identity and sexual orientation have started to be studied in social science fields. The NHIS carried out the first large-scale government sexual orientation data collection survey in 2014. The final report showed that 0.7% of people identify as bisexual and around 3% identify as gay or lesbian. In 2016, The Williams Institute conducted a survey to try to get an estimate as to how many citizens identify as transgender. Their report showed that around 0.6% of Americans over the age of 18 identify as transgender.

The top five US cities with the largest LGBT populations are San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Boston. This is based on data from the American Community Survey. Many people might question the validity of the data because it is over 18 years old. It is thought that the estimates may have changed for the current year with more people feeling comfortable disclosing their sexual orientation and gender identity in a national survey. Gathering accurate data is difficult because the census does not ask any sexual orientation or gender identity questions. In addition, many people in the LGBT community don’t wish to reveal personal details about their lives because they fear their own families might not accept them.

San Francisco is a very LGBT friendly city. The LGBT community in the city is one of the largest in the world and it is an important hub for activism efforts. The city has many nicknames, including “gay capital of the world”. The city’s gay population increased from 30,000 to 100,000 during the 1970s. In a 2006 survey, it was reported that 15.4% of the city’s population identified as LGBT.

There is lots of information about LGBT culture in many major US cities available on the internet. You can use Google, to quickly find LGBT friendly hotels, bars, businesses, clubs and more. You can also organize meetups and activities using online forums and social media platforms. If you have just moved to a new city, it should not take you long to connect with the city’s LGBT community as each community has activists and advocates dedicated to helping newcomers to settle in. You can learn tips and public awareness information about any places you might want to avoid for safety reasons. While the majority of the population has no issue with people who identify as LGBT, there are some places that vulnerable members might wish to avoid.