Election Day 2020: How To Reduce Your Stress

Our community has been through a lot these past four years, which have been wildly different than the preceding eight — those were filled with victories, warmth, and mutual respect. It seems like much of that was left behind when Trump was elected in 2016. Hate crimes committed against the LGBTQ community — and toward transexuals in particular — skyrocketed from 2015 and on, in part fueled by Trump’s caustic rhetoric toward minorities.

Today’s the day the country decides whether or not the self-inflicted wound will continue to gape wide open. There’s a great chance Biden sweeps tonight, which means that wound should hopefully close over time. Until then, here’s how to reduce some of your election cycle stress.

First, get outside! Natural environments help release the happy hormones that make us less aggressive and reduce our inclination toward arguments. Plus, they help us get away from the people who are most likely to start those arguments! This is a great time to go backpacking or camping.

Being outside will also help you stay away from the constant barrage of Trump-related news, which will almost certainly continue even if Biden is elected president. 

If you can’t spend much time outdoors, then at least stay away from social media as much as you can and try to avoid the news when you switch on the TV or computer. Instead, marathon your favorite series or watch a few movies. Need to work? Then focus on the tasks at hand and keep your phone in your pocket. Your bosses will appreciate it too. 

Spend time with your loved ones. Cuddle! Body warmth releases the “love” hormones that relieve stress. Listen to music together. Watch the sunset. Read a book. Play with your children or toss a ball to Fido. Do whatever you need to do to take your mind off of what’s likely to happen tonight and over the next few days.